Quadrants 2021

NS had a idea for a brick battle tournament game for the Doges! project sometime in July to August 2021.
By mid to late August 2021, the Quadrants porject was being developed by NS, the game was finsihed by mid September, but the tournament got cancelled.
Then another idea came, make it a actual game out of it to everyone play, the place file was given to Gree, Gree started working on top of that copy.
But the it got deleted.

Quadrants BETA Quadrants

Quadrants 2022 (DEF)

A year after all of that, we decided to try and make a "horror" game out of a brick battle game, so we made the definitive version of Quadrants.
But we made into a "every copy of SM64 is personalized", every server is different.

Quadrants | DEF

Quadrants 2023

Upcoming Quadrants arg.

Quadrants 2006
Quadrants | DEF

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